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Are you locked out? Need a locksmith within the Perth metropolitan area? Then Locksmiths Perth is here to rescue you!  Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, we can help! We operate a 24 hour service, so we’re only a phone call away to “unlock” you out of any emergency situations. No jobs are too big or too small for us. Don’t believe the hype? We dare you to try us and read up about us and be pleasantly surprised!

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Got locked out of your car and sick of trying to pick the lock yourself? Why sweat dude? Let the experts do it! Our locksmiths are professionally trained to do the job properly and efficiently. First time and every single time! All work comes with a free smile! You gotcha! Locksmiths Perth provide a friendly and affordable locksmith service within the metropolitan area.

We do more then unlocking your sticky situations… We offer a comprehensive commercial locksmith services. From basic workplace security to customised locks that even Houdini can’t escape from! We also provide mobile locksmith service.

Got a residential property that needs servicing? No stress, chillaxe! We’ll help you secure your beloved home for a fraction of the cost! Sound “hypey”? Call us to learn the truth and you’ll be saying “crikey”! There is no better deal out there, period!

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In a hurry, no worries. Here’s ten fail proof reasons to why you should choose us:

1.  Friendly Customer Service

Let’s face it, first impression counts! So we won’t let you down on how we treat you. We strive on providing unrivaled superior customer service that will blow you away! See us for the first time and we’ll bet our bottom dollar that you’ll be back! Now that’s customer service to the T! Ping Pong the King Kong! Get my ideo? Mario?

2.  On Time, Every Freakin’ Time!

Yeh, kinda hard to believe hey? But you’d better believe it Perthanians! Call us and tell when you want us to be there and wham, boom! we’re there on the dot pronto! No more waiting around wondering if the technician will ever show up. We’ll be there on time as agreed – so let by gone be bygone! You can count on us!

3.  Fast and Efficient Service

We’re very popular and can be somewhat busy at times. But our fast and efficient service is why the people of Perth rely on us. We get the job done fast and you’ll be back on your bike before you can say trike!

 4. Qualified and Fully Trained Personnel

Our locksmiths are good, really good! Each and everyone of them are fully trained and certified. So rest assured that you’ll get a professional service that you truly deserve. So don’t settle for second best when you can have the best. Try us out and you won’t regret it!

5.  Cool Gadgets

Some people call us MacGyver, the man of all trades who can get out of any sticky situations. And you know what? Don’t blame ’em! We use high tech and sophisticated gadgets to weave our magic! With the right tools, combined with the right training, we’ll fix it on the spot.

6.  Very affordable

We won’t surprise you with a huge bill. Our prices are fair and commensurate with the awesome service we’ll be delivering. Go on, compare us with some of the others and you’ll realise how affordable we are! We understand how stressful it can be when you’re locked out – that is why we’re here to help and get you smiling again!

7.  Quality To The Max!

We take pride in our work. That is why we believe in giving you the best quality work that you’d expect from a locksmith company. So no more sloppy work from wannabe technicians, you’d only get top notch quality work from our staff. We’re like first class is to flying, so spread your wings and fly!

8.  Flexible

Sometimes, unexpected things comes up. And if they do, just let us know and we’ll reschedule your appointments. We’re understanding and very flexible with our work arrangements. Just ask and you shall receive! Bend us, flex us, fold us and you’ll see how flexible we’re really are. Jokes.

9.  Professional

As mentioned above, our locksmiths are a well oiled specimen! So expect the utmost professionalism and nothing less! From the moment we pick up your call to the moment when we part ways at the completion of a job. From beginning to end, our level of professional service won’t drop – one single bit!

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Overall, you’ll be pleased with our service. Whether it’s an emergency or a comprehensive commercial or domestic project. We’ve got your back. Our aim is to please you in every aspect. We’re so confident that you’ll be fully satisfied in dealing with us that we guarantee it!

There you go! We spilled our guts to introduce ourselves to you…

So why not reciprocate and call us today! We’d love to talk and get to know you better. Well, what’s holding you back? We’re waiting on your call as we speak…

Customer Testimonials

"We've accidentally locked ourselves out of the house, so you can imagine the stress, but thanks to Locksmith Perth, we're back in!"
Lisa O.
"Thank you so much to the locksmith guy that came out during the night to fix our broken lock, much appreciated!
Kim P.
Hand opening a safe
"It was a last minute emergency after losing our keys, we called them up and they showed up promptly and greeted us with a smile"
Ben T.
locksmith icon
"Fast and friendly service, communicated clearly with us. Thanks!"
Basily L.
man fixing door

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